Adding addresses to the spam filters “Allow List”

Log into the McAffee Contol Console

Your login here will be your email address and, most likely, your email password….


If your email password doesn’t work, click the Forgot your password or need to create a password? link.

Click Email Protection -> Policies


This is where you make changes to the policies that affect your incoming and outgoing mail.

You may see more than one Inbound Policy, but the one to edit is the Default Inbound.


Then click the Allow/Deny tab, and then Sender Allow.

Enter the domain, the full email address, or some letters in the domain you want to allow.

media_1351199617906.png, *, or are examples. DO NOT enter *.com, or something very general, because that would allow way too much spam! Give the system a second to verify the address (the box will turn from red to black) and then hit Add.



You MUST hit save or your changes will be lost!

While you are here, if you want to stop some messages from coming through….


The same rules as above apply here. Enter email addresses or domains, you want to keep from your inbox. Be careful here, because you will not get any notice that a message was recieved from these senders.



You MUST hit save or your changes will be lost!

Advanced settings…. While you are here….


The “spam filter” is really a full content filter. If you want to increase the security/privacy of the messages you send, you can enable additional filters, or set up your own. The included filters, shown above, can actually recognize credit card numbers, social security numbers, profanity, racially insensitive messages, and sexual overtones. If you want to be sure you aren’t ticking off your customers, these are easily enabled. You can deny the delivery of such messages, or quarantine them for review, and more. You can also “silent copy” messages from anyone in your domain to yourself to make sure your employees are on the up and up!


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