How to add a signature to your email

In Mail, you can add prepared text (a "signature") to the end of email you send.

You can add one signature to all messages automatically or create several and choose one when you compose a message.

To create a signature:

Choose Preferences from the Mail application menu and click Signatures


Create a Signature


Select the Signature tab.

Press the + button at the bottom of the middle column

Enter your signature. It’s a good idea to separate your signature from the body of your email with a space followed by two dashes (" –"). This tells some automatic email systems to ignore the information below the signature line. In my signature, above, every message is automatically signed with a line feed, Thanks, Will O’Neal, and my company information below that.

Select the signature you created and drag it to your account


Select the signature you just created in the middle column and drag it to the account you want to associate it with.

Set the default signature for the account


Once the account has a signature associated with it, select the account in the first column. Then select which signature is the default signature from the drop down menu below.

Click the red close button to save and accept the changes. Now every message you start from now on will have the signature block automatically inserted.


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