Aligning Kerio Webmail and Apple Mail

You may have noticed that your Sent, Trash, and Drafts folders differ depending were you view them. The problem is that doesn’t look for existing folders with the name Sent, Drafts, or Trash (or Deleted) in them; it creates ones with those names. Furthering the confusion, you can’t change these in the Kerio Webmail interface. Read on to learn how to minimize the confusion.

UPDATE – I’ve discovered that if you set up your Mail account as an Exchange account (vs. an IMAP account), this is not necessary.

Identify the correct folders


Since you can’t change the folders that Kerio Webmail uses, has to be the one that yields. When you log into Webmail, note the subtle difference in the name of the folders; Kerio includes the word "Items" in the various folders. The Inbox on both systems the same but Webmail uses Deleted Items and Sent Items. For some reason, though Drafts is the same, but doesn’t find it, either. Once identified, move your mail from the old/wrong folder to the correct folder.

In the example above, you’ll see a system that shows both Deleted Items and Deleted Messages. Deleted Items is the folder Webmail uses, and Deleted Messages is the one uses.


Prepar to move the existing messages


This step can be done in or Web mail. It’s FAR FASTER to do it in Webmail. And you can speed up this process by changing the number of messages in your list from 25 to 200 in Webmail’s Settings dialog box.

Select the OLD mail folder in the list of folders. Select all in the list of messages. Right (Control)-Click to see the menu on the right above and select Move or Copy.

Move the messages


As you click Move or Copy in the previous step, this new window will open. Click Move to get the messages from one folder to the other.

Switch to


Now is a good time to tell you about a irritation in Apple Mail; doesn’t show you all of the folders that reside on the mail server easily. You’ll find a list of all the folders on the Mail server under the label that contains the name of your account (the name of the account is arbitrary, and it is set or changed in Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts -> {name of your account} -> Account Information -> Description)

To see the folder that Kerio Webmail is using for Sent, Trash, and Drafts, turn the arrow down next to the account name.

All Folder View


When you click the arrow next to a folder or account name, the contents are shown (just like most any other Mac application that presents / hides information in lists and sub lists).

Select the Sent Items folder


This is where you alter where stores it’s messages for the various folders. Select the Sent Items folder as shown.

Assign the new Mailbox use


After you selected the proper Sent folder in the previous step, use the Mailbox menu to select Use This Mailbox For -> Sent. Mail will swap the folders to their new use, so make sure you check to make sure the old folder still doesn’t have any mail left in it, or that you have another computer that needs this modification.

And the repeat the above steps (starting at Step 1) for the Trash/Deleted, Junk and Deleted folders.

And keep this tip around because every so often, Mail resets this preference for you.

2 Responses

  1. hi glad you updated

    UPDATE – I’ve discovered that if you set up your Mail account as an Exchange account (vs. an IMAP account), this is not necessary.


    what is important also is to make sure the junk folder is correctly mapped also if this option is turned on


    John Jones

  2. Can I use Kerio within a SBS 2008 with exchange intergrated? In the past I used it on 2003 servers but we plan to upgrade in the next couple of months and I would like to have some feedback from someone as to best practices on Kerio and SBS2008.


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