Create Custom Fields in Address Book

If the default Address Book cards don’t have enough fields for all the info you want to collect for your contacts, head to the Template screen in Address Book’s preferences, and click Add Field to add additional fields onto all of your cards. You can also click the little green plus signs to add even more variations of the same type of fields.

Address Book also lets you create your own custom fields. On the same Preferences > Template screen, you can click on most of the field labels and select Custom, where you can name your very own custom fields that will appear on each card.

We’ve already added the custom fields Hours, Referred By, and Rates. You can add even more by choosing Custom from almost any field label.

via Address Book Power Tips | Mac|Life.


2 Responses

  1. It is cool that I can add a custom field. However, if I created a custom field by mistake or made a spelling error etc, is their anyway to remove a field? I am trying to do this and am not finding an easy option.

    • Hi Marshall-

      I wanted to follow up on your comment to my blog. There isn’t a direct way I can find to remove a mistake made in a field, but you can control which fields appear. See the following Apple web site that may be of assistance to you.

      Will O’Neal

      Thanks for your reply. I am bothered that the bright minds at Apple did not take this into consideration. Do you know of any port to forward such bugs to Apple for future repair (and do they listen)?

      Marshall Norton

      Hi Marshall-

      Yes, they do listen, but it has to be an issue that affects numerous users on a regular basis.

      I did think of a way that help you. It will take some experimenting, but essentially, it means starting over for the Address Book.

      You’ll have to export your data (back it up by using the export option in the file menu). There is a file in your home folder, in the Library folder, in the Preferences folder, called With Address book not running, move this file to the trash can (don’t empty the trash yet), then launch Address Book again. This may clear out your “broken” fields. Then restore your data into Address Book and see if it’s still there.

      If that doesn’t work, the broken field may be a part of the Vcard itself. Drag the “offending” Vcard to your desktop (it will create a file with that card’s information in it). Then export your data again as I described above, then quit Address Book, drag the file to the trash can, and then complete the steps as I described above.

      I know there is a way to do it – it just isn’t doable using the GUI.

      Will O’Neal

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