Tap into the Keychain

OS X includes its own reasonably capable password manager: Keychain. Your keychain stores user names, passwords, and other private data in a securely encrypted file. By unlocking your keychain, you gain access to all the passwords inside it, so you have to remember only one.

The Keychain Access application (located in Applications/Utilities) lets you add, remove, view, and edit all your passwords. Your keychain directly supports the Finder, Apple Mail, Apple Safari, and numerous other programs. However, not all applications can use your keychain—Mozilla Firefox, for example, has its own proprietary password manager that other programs can’t share.

Keychain is great for simple user names and passwords, but it’s less effective when it comes to storing and using other types of data, such as credit card numbers. In many cases, the only way to use such data is to manually copy and paste it between Keychain Access and another application, which is inconvenient at best. For password-management needs that go beyond what Keychain can offer, your best bet is a third-party password manager.

via Manage your passwords | Business Center | Working Mac | Macworld.

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