Showing the Full Email Header (Apple

How to view the entire email header when our support team is assiting you stop spam from getting to your inbox.

Select the Spam Message


Click on the suspect message in your inbox to view the message.

View -> Message -> Long Headers


This shows the details that allow the message travel from your computer to your intended recipient. It also shows other details as to why it was (or was not) classified as spam.

See the Long Headers


You’ll see something like the above when you view the long headers.

Forward the spam message to


When you hit Forward, the Lonh Headers will be included in the message. Make sure you have not selected a portion of the message, otherwise you won’t get your intended result. This way, we get the entire message, which helps us determine the best way to keep that message from getting through to your inbox again.

Download this post for printing

Click here for a PDF version of this tip.

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