Backing up Address Book contacts in 10.4

Apple’s operating system includes the Address Book program, which is a great tool. It’s a small database that can be referenced by any “well written” program – meaning any program whose author took the time to include this capability. Thankfully, more and more are able to do this. If you have a need just to back up that data – or for that matter, throw it out and start clean, here is where the files live and how to back them up:

* To back up: Open Address Book and choose Back up Address Book from the File menu. A dialog appears, asking you to choose a save location—it also adds the current date to the saved file name too. Choose where you want to save the backup, then click Save.

* To restore: In Address Book, choose Revert to Address Book Backup from the File menu. In the resulting dialog, locate your backup file (it ends with a .abbu extension), select it, and click Open.

* To remove the data: Yes this step will REMOVE all of your contacts, so proceed with caution: Remove the Address Book folder from ~/Library/Application Support. You can also clear out the preference files and from the ~/Library/Preferences folder.

Remember, the ~ indicates your Home folder.

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