Setting up calendar delegation

How to set up calendar delegation in Kerio’s web interface

Open your web browser


and go to, and log in with your email username and password

Right (control-click for single button mouse) click on Calendar


and choose Access Rights…
If you have folders that are inside of your Inbox, you may have to scroll down to see your Calendar

The Calendar Sharing window opens


Click Add to see the Sharing menu

Sharing menu


This is where you add a particular user to your delegate list. Enter the users email address (partial is ok, it will fill in the domain for you). It only works for users on your domain (they have to have the same on the end)

Additional options


If you want to grant access to a group, all users from your domain, all users on the server (not applicable for single domain mail servers, and that most likely means yours!). If you are on a shared server, be careful allowing All users access to your calendar, and also be careful allowing Anonymous access.

Setting sharing rights


Once you have added the potential delegates User name, you are returned to this window. Here is where you set the type of access you want them to have.

Reader: Read only access. The user can see, but not change, your calendar.
Editor: Read and Write access. The user can see and make changes to your calendar.
Administrator: Read and Write access, as well as set sharing options for your calendar.

Open iCal’s Preferences


Choose Accounts -> Delegation.

You will see all of the users who have granted you access to their calendars. Select the checkbox next to the ones you want to see ALL of the time. You can see other users by selecting them in the Window menu.

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