More Mac Menu commands

Don’t try to memorize these! If you want them for quick reference, print the page. Otherwise, use them often and over time, you won’t have to refer to the list. And if you notice in the menus when you select them with the mouse, every one of them has their command key equivalent next to it in the drop down menu!

Menu command reminders

Keyboard shortcut Description
Shift-Command-Q Apple Menu         Log out
Shift-Option-Command-Q Apple Menu         Log out immediately
Shift-Command-Delete Finder Menu        Empty Trash
Option-Shift-Command-Delete Finder Menu        Empty Trash without confirmation
Command-H Finder Menu        Hide Finder
Option-Command-H Finder Menu        Hide Others
Command-N File Menu             New Finder window
Shift-Command-N File Menu             New Folder
Command-O File Menu             Open
Command-S File Menu             Save
Shift-Command-S File Menu             Save as
Command-P File Menu             Print
Command-W File Menu             Close Window
Option-Command-W File Menu             Close all Windows
Command-I File Menu             Get Info
Option-Command-I File Menu             Show Attributes Inspector (this is the Get Info window that updates as soon as you click on a new item. It floats above all other windows)
Command-D File Menu             Duplicate
Command-L File Menu             Make Alias
Command-R File Menu             Show original
Command-T File Menu             Add to Favorites (Mac OS X 10.2.8 or earlier), Add to Sidebar (Mac OS X 10.3 or later—use Shift-Command-T for Add to Favorites)
Command-Delete File Menu             Move to Trash
Command-E File Menu              Eject
Command-F File Menu              Find
Command-Z Edit Menu             Undo
Command-X Edit Menu             Cut
Command-C Edit Menu             Copy
Command-V Edit Menu             Paste
Command-A Edit Menu             Select All
Command-1 View Menu            View as Icons
Command-2 View Menu            View as List
Command-3 View Menu            View as Columns
Command-B View Menu            Hide Toolbar
Command-J View Menu            Show View Options
Command – [ Go Menu                Back
Command – ] Go Menu                Forward
Shift-Command-C Go Menu                Computer
Shift-Command-H Go Menu                Home
Shift-Command-I Go Menu                iDisk
Shift-Command-A Go Menu                Applications
Shift-Command-F Go Menu                Favorites
Shift-Command-G Go Menu                Goto Folder
Command-K Go Menu                Connect to Server
Command-M Window Menu      Minimize Window
Option-Command-M Window Menu      Minimize All Windows
Command-? Help Menu            Open Mac Help
Command-Space Open Spotlight (Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
Command-esc Front Row            Activates Front Row for certain Apple computers

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