Apple Modifier Keys

Ever wondered what all those keys with funny symbols were on your Mac? Wonder no more.

⌘ = Command, sometimes called the Apple key. This is the most common key modifier used on the Mac.

⌥ = Option, similar to Alt. on Windows machines.

⇧ = Shift

^ = Control, also used to perform a “right click” with a single button mouse.

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  1. […] Have you ever wanted to see something on the screen just a little larger (or a lot larger!) than it shows up normally? Turn on Zoom (or press ⌘⌥8 to enable and disable Zoom without visiting the Universal Access System Preference), and then the press ⌘⌥= to zoom the screen in, and ⌘⌥- (minus) to zoom out. Click the Options… button for default settings as well as maximum and minimum levels. Need help with those “special keys?” See my post on Apple Modifier Keys. […]

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