Using the new Spam Filter

Open a web browser to access


Enter your email address and password for this service. In some cases, the password may be your existing email password, or other default password. If you are unsure, we can reset this password for you.

Message Quarantine


After successfully logging in, you will see the Message Quarantine page.

To select all of the messages in the quarantine, select the All checkbox.

To release a message in the quarantine one time, click the check box to the left of the message and click the "release" button.

To never have the filter apply to a certain message, check the box to the left of the message and click the "Always Allow" button.

To remove a message from the quarantine, check the box to the left of the message and click the "Delete" button. This step is entirely optional, as the messages still in the quarantine will delete automatically after 7 days. IMPORTANT – if you don’t read your spam digest message every day, good messages in the filter will be gone forever – so it is very important to pay attention to this message every day or at least every few days.

If you are unsure of the contents of a message or of the sender, you can click on the email address in the list of messages and view the contents of the email with no chance of virus infection or other harm to your computer.

The View quarantine drop down box at the top of the screen allow you to view the messages in the quarantine by day or by all, and the Sent To: drop down box allows you to show messages sent to a particular email address, or all, if you have more than one address or alias.

Message Continuity


This screen is where you access messages in the event your mail server goes down. There will be no messages in here if messages are being delivered to your mail server normally.

In the event of your mail server experiencing an outage, messages sent and received through this interface will be synced back to your mail server once it becomes available again.

In essence, this gives your mail server near 100% uptime availability.

Allow/Deny Sender Lists


This is where you enter email addresses if you receive messages from certain senders whos system will not allow easy unsubscribe (check the bottom of the list for an unsubscribe link; if the sender is reputable (NOT JUNK SPAM, just one you know but cannot unsubscribe from) this will be there.

Also, if you freqently receive messages from people who’s messages are constantly found in the spam filter, enter their name in the always allow list.

The Allow list will be automaticaly updated if you use the "Always Allow" button in the Quarantine.

Setup – Preferences


There is very little an end user needs to do in this system, unless you want to change the defaults.

If you want to alter how often a quarantine report is sent, what is included in the quarantine, your time zone, the number of entries per page, or the default report language, this is where it is set.

Setup – Password


If you would like to change the password you use to access the spam filter, you can change it here.

Note – if your login to the spam filter is based on your email system password, you will not see this screen.

If you would like us to alter the password type access for you, so you only have to remember one password, just ask!

Setup – Aliases


This is where you tell the spam filter what other addresses are also used to send email to you. Note – alias addresses must also be set up in your mail server, so this is a two step process.

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