Firefox 3 and invalid security certificates

How to configure Firefox when you try to access a site without a valid ssl certificate

Open the secure site in Firefox


When you see this, verify the name of the site, and make sure it looks legitimate. You may do this by copying opening the site where the certificate is actually valid manually. It’s not required, but if you aren’t sure. Note: If you are trying to access your bank, or your credit card website, DO NOT DO THIS. Only accept valid SSL certificates for non-financial and non-personal-info-requring web sites.

Click the "Or you can add an exception…" link

Click the link


If you are certain the site is legitimate (for your purposes), click the "Add Exception…" button.


Click Get Certificate


1. Is optional; if you don’t click this, you’ll have to perform this step each time you visit.
2. Click this one to continue.

The site you want will be loaded after you click "Confirm Security Exception."

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