Clear the Mac OS X Font Caches

If your fonts don’t look right, try these steps.

Download Font Nuke


Get it here: Once downloaded, drag it to your Applications Folder.

Launch Font Nuke


Click anywhere on the black screen to continue

Click Nuke Font Caches


This step enables the program to look for font caches on your machine.

Click Update Caches List


This step takes a while, and builds a list of all of the fonts your machine has cached over time.

Updating Cache – progress window


Process Complete


The program shows you how many cache files it found. The number found on your will be different! Click OK.

Next, click Nuke Font Caches


And note you may have to enter your Login Password and a restart will be required.

Please use this feature (Reset Spotlight) with caution. This feature will purge all Spotlight indexes without a forced rebuild. This is recommended ONLY if you understand fully the contents of /.Spotlight-V100. Volume re-indexing may take minutes to several hours.

Heed the warning, and then Continue


Once the process is complete, restart, and try again to see if the problem has been fixed.


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